Friday, December 7, 2018

How to Prepare for Artikulatorz user group meetings

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The first Artikulatorz group meeting will be underway this Monday, December 10th, 2018 and we are super excited. We that excitement, many questions arise about what the group does, how it benefits us and why it's such a special opportunity. Well, this post has you covered with the guidance to make your experience one of the best parts in your eLearning skills development with the Artikulatorz and Articulate software.

The User Group

Artikulatorz is made up of people from all walks of life with one common passion: Creating eLearning experiences with Articulate software. This means that all you need is passion, a disposition to learn and the software, you don't have to be an expert to play. The point is we all grow together, whether we have used the software one day or five years.

Getting There

We try as hard as we can to maintain the same location for each meeting. As of our first meeting, we are lucky to have the always awesome University of Central Florida (UCF) host us. UCF main campus is quite large and one can easily get lost there, but here are some tips for new visitors:

  • Parking is not free on UCF campus.
  • You would need to locate parking meters
  • Review UCF's parking policy 

The Experience

Our 2-hour monthly meetings are primarily about sharing design successes, failures, lessons, tips and tricks to improve our skills. However, Artikulatorz is also about networking with eLearning professionals, students and academia in general. The following is the typical structure for our meetings:

Greetings and Announcements

We take about a maximum of 30 minutes to greet new guests, speakers, catch up with existing members and share exciting news.

Tips and Tricks 

This is a 30-minute hands-on workshop by a designated speaker. The speaker can be any Artikulator, virtual or live invited guest too.

Show Me

In this 30-minute block, an Artikulator shows the group a project or interaction design and how it was built.

99 Problemz

This is a 20-minute open discussion where anyone can raise a problem they are having so the group can help solve it.

Hasta La Vista Baby!

We take the last 10 minutes to recap, reflect and set the Tips and Tricks topic for our next meeting.

BYOW - Bring Your Own WiFi

There's a possibility that WiFi may not be available, so bring your own. You don't need Internet access to participate though, just your laptop with the latest version of Articulate 360.

Come Charged Up

Please bring your laptop with 100% battery so it can last for the duration of the meeting without need to plug in. There are no outlets provided in the space we have due to safety precautions. 

That's It

OK, if you do all this, you are ready to attend and have a blast with us. See you at Artikulatorz!

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