Thursday, January 17, 2019

Mel Milloway Web visits Artikulatorz

The first Artikulatorz meeting of 2019 kicked off in spectacular fashion by having none other than the always amazing Melissa Milloway as our mystery web guest. If you are not aware of what we do, every meeting we invite a super cool designer using Articulate products. Mel is a Learning Experience Design Manager at Amazon and in my opinion, the most creative role model for women in the elearning profession. She's very active in several digital communities and always sharing her work through social media. We also had another eLearning rockstar as a participant and his name is David Glow, shot out to David for showing up 😁Oh and there's more? Yes! We had record attendance and the first Show Me project from Artikulator Diane Lieu.  Okay, let's get to it!

Mel's Workflow

Mel gave us an inside look are her creative process, from prototypes in Adobe XD to bringing these prototypes to life in Articulate Storyline 360. She conceives possible design concepts in Adobe XD because this tool provides an interactive experience allowing designers to quickly know if the UX is right. According to Mel, this can save a considerable amount of time and effort although the design would have to be recreated in Storyline. I can agree with her on this because although it may be fun to start from "scratch" in Storyline, it can also become a black hole of a creative mess 😱 We had an amazing time with Mel and she definitely provided Artikulatorz with some valuable takeaways.

Check out these links to find out more about Mel's products and design workflow ideas:

Our attendance was the best up to date with 14 folks showing up. It wasn't only the number that matter, but also the participation of the "mastermind of web integrations", David Glow (that's at least one name I have for him). We can say the room was #glowing 😉 Hey, I'm a dad and I have #dadjokes4days
O...K... back to business, our audience was a rich mix of professionals from Valencia College, The Human Performance Institute, SeaCoast Bank, Scholastic and many more. 

Diane Lieu Slack Project

Diane showed us her first Storyline project which involved a tutorial of Slack, a popular team collaboration tool. She had tons of creativity going into this project including State changes, her own voice over work and engaging color schemes. Well done Diane and thank you for being our first Show Me presenter.

Wrap Up

Well friends, that's it for now. Our next meeting will be back on regular rotation, the second Monday of next month, February 11th, 6-8PM in a new room! Get your ticket here. This time we are going to UCF's Teaching Academy See you there!