Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tracy Carroll Visits Artikulatorz

Hi there! Our February meeting just wrapped up and we had great attendance + a great time which equals a great meeting. Monday's meeting started with a wonderful presentation a couple of Artikulatorz from Seacoast Bank, we then had the super creative Tracy Carroll as our mystery web guest and then I shared a few tips on Articulate Storyline to wrap up.

Show Me Segment with Kevin and Brian

We had a great display of creativity from the Show Me segment led by Kevin Davis and Brian Lucrezia . They demonstrated how Articulate Rise can be a quick and beautiful mobile-ready solution to provide just-in-time training to their busy bank employees. These guys were clever by leveraging video tools like Camtasia and producing quick, well produced videos for effective microlearning strategies embedded in Rise. I look forward to see more creative projects from these Artikulatorz 😎
Kevin Davis and Brian Lucrezia
Kevin (left) Brian (right)

Tracy Carroll Mystery Web Guest

Our mystery web guest for February was Tracy Carroll and I've known her for a few years now thanks to her many awesome submissions to the Articulate eLearning Heroes Community. Tracy's work with Storyline has a cinematic feel and she achieves high levels of engagement using a tool for 3D video animation known as Plotagon. Tracy spent some time showing us how to create animated characters in Plotagon, creating learning scenarios with scripts and text-to-speech as well. To close it off, everyone in attendance got a very special deal from Plotagon which extends their free trial period. That was a nice touch. Thank you Tracy. You can catch Tracy's presentation on the streaming capture at the top of this article. Please check the description for topic/times since it's an hour long.

Plotagon demo by Tracy Carroll

Tips n' Tricks

The last segment of the meeting was led by yours truly and I shared how Storyline360 has this weird bug where a template with non-populated questions would not publish. The fix for now is easy, just enter something into your question placeholders. I also discussed my design workflow for the latest ELH Challenge #219 which was fun. 

Until Next Time

Our next meeting is Tuesday March 12th due to some schedule conflicts and at the UCF Teaching Academy and we are going to build gamification timers in Storyline360.

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